Maria Triana started out as a classically trained violist in her native Colombia.

Until 2019 she worked at Sony Music Entertainment in New York – out of their Battery Studios facility – as a Mastering Engineer. There, she had the honour and opportunity to contribute her skills and expertise on many award winning recordings, from legendary artists such as Aretha Franklin, Wayne Shorter and Bob Dylan as well as current releases by Donald Fagen, Sting and Britney Spears

While at Sony, she contributed towards the testing of Sony’s new immersive 360RA technology and creating content by mixing and remixing released and unreleased material. Furthermore she developed an extensive knowledge of legacy formats such as analogue tape and metal discs.

Being equally versatile in both the analog and digital domains, Maria has worked as a restoration and archival engineer for music collections of the Metropolitan Opera of NY, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Legacy.

Now based in the Netherlands, Maria is available for mastering and re-mastering projects, both independent and major label. Since 2020 she is also a part-time lecturer for the Abbey Road Institute – Amsterdam campus.